Mr. Abraham H.B. (Founder & Head)
We are a group of individuals having the desire zeal to outreach people for hopeless case and to serve mankind divine by humanity and deep compassion to help people who are needy and lack support and guldens, all this started from a incident by which we all were shocked and cut deep growth heart, when we found that any of our friend was suffering from a major heart ailments.

He was advised to get operate for the viticulture operation sepal defect and the total expenditure wound come around Rs. 1,50,000/- one lac fifty thousand rupees) in year 2000, this was a hung sum of money that is family could arrange, all the hopes begin to fade and we came just like audience & watched days passing by, we never knew & thoughts that this incident would change our whole view towards life.

We regularly experienced great amount of depression that we where enable to do anything for our friend from our himself in any means after losing every hope, he look matter in his own hands started raising funds for his life, by him own strong will to live and determination he manage to arrange to required amount of money and got operate by this incident, we where deeply moved, every things was ok by now, with a happy ending.

As a days passed in the mean time of his recover, we has being disclose friend were experiencing un-canny kind of vacuum filling hearts, that we fill short and helping our friend in any means other than sympathy, and we came to now by his experience & sharing that how can we help people who lack of support and guidens who perish because lack of knowledge, can be provided help through various Trust's who provide help & support for the needful & within the next few months in process we found ourselves.

Literally helping people by assisting them for Blood Donation Free medical check-up, helping physically challenged people by arranging wheel chairs for them, assisting & giving guidens to people for acquiring foreign made prosthetics from various charitable trust & caring other social activities, we have being doing this individually for past three years, and now the last we have found our trust by the name of "Raphael Social Trust" at Ambernath with a strong urge to help those who are really in need of it.

As we look forward we are planning to different project to expand our activities & for this case we would like to know & in what you could be willing to help us, given below are some of the names & activities from which we would like to know that you are willing to help us co-operate with us this noble case & help us to help other…

The Raphael Social Trust at ambernath is registered under the Mumbai public trust act 1950, the trust is governed by a certified of three trustees nominated members which specially interested who constitute a governing body.